New Features

  • FIFO compaction to support Intra L0 compaction too with CompactionOptionsFIFO.allow_compaction=true.
  • Statistics::Reset() to reset user stats.
  • ldb add option –try_load_options, which will open DB with its own option file.
  • Introduce WriteBatch::PopSavePoint to pop the most recent save point explicitly.
  • Support dynamically change max_open_files option via SetDBOptions()
  • Added DB::CreateColumnFamilie() and DB::DropColumnFamilies() to bulk create/drop column families.
  • Add debugging function GetAllKeyVersions to see internal versions of a range of keys.
  • Support file ingestion with universal compaction style
  • Support file ingestion behind with option allow_ingest_behind
  • New option enable_pipelined_write which may improve write throughput in case writing from multiple threads and WAL enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bug that Direct I/O uses direct reads for non-SST file
  • Fix the bug that flush doesn’t respond to fsync result